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How do I add a Resource Mailbox room or equipment to a meeting in Outlook 2010/2013?

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Outlook 2010/2013

To add a meeting to a Resource Mailbox Room or Equipment within your Calendar in Outlook 2010/2013, please follow the instructions below. In order to see newly added Users or Rooms, you may need to manually update the Global Address List (GAL).

  1. Click on New Meeting on the Home Tab.
  2. When the new meeting invitation appears, select Rooms.
  3. Room: Under Address Book choose All Rooms, then search for your room. (This will list all available Resource Mailbox Rooms.)
    Equipment: Under Address Book choose All Equipment, then search for your equipment. (This will list all available Resource Mailbox Equipment.)
  4. In the To field, the Resource Mailbox Room/Equipment will already be listed. You can add other members by placing a semicolon between the email addresses.Use the Scheduling Assistant to find a common availability between your Room/Equipment and invitees.
  5. You can add a Subject and any other details to the Meeting invitation before it is sent.
  6. When you are ready to send the Meeting invite, click on Send.
  7. The Meeting will then appear on your calendar and also on the Resource Mailbox Room calendar.

Tips & Notes

  • There is also another option to add a meeting to the Resource Mailbox Room calendar in Outlook 2010/2013. If the Resource Mailbox Room is selected under the Rooms list in your calendar list, the room will automatically be added to your meeting if you choose New Meeting > New Meeting with All.
  • When adding a room to an existing meeting, add it from that meeting instead of creating a new meeting.
  • Once a meeting has been created, you will delete/modify it from your own calendar, rather than the Room Calendar.
  • The name of the Meeting Organizer is the primary information displayed for a Room Calendar meeting instead of the meeting Subject, however you can mouse over to see the subject.
  • To add a Room to your Rooms list (like Other Calendars for PFs) on the Calendar windows, select Open Calendar in the Manage Calendars Group > From Room List > Find and select your room and click OK.

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