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Updates and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Do I need to buy Microsoft Office for my computer if I have access to the Office Web Apps (Office Online)?
(Moved) Office 365 Eligibility
(Moved) How do I install Office 365 ProPlus for Mac through ProPlus program?
(Moved) How do I install Office 365 ProPlus for Windows through the ProPlus Program?
(Moved) Office 365 and Basic Authentication
(Moved) How can I tell how many licenses of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus I have used? What if I am no longer using one of those licenses?
(Moved) How do I create an Office 365 Group?
What is my UT Office 365 organizational account and how do I log in?
Why did my contacts disappear on my mobile device after I removed my Office 365 Volmail account?
Optimizing PowerPoint Audio narration for Office 365
How do I connect my Android device to my Office 365 Volmail account?
What is the message size limit in Office 365/Volmail?
How do I manage my Office 365 licenses?
Information About Jan 17 IRIS Password Reset Email and Office 365 Email Issues
What are the allowed attachment file types in Office 365/Volmail?
How do I setup my Windows Phone for Office 365 Volmail?
Turn On Live Subtitles and Captions in PowerPoint from Office 365
What is the maximum attachment size in Office 365/Volmail?
(Moved) What is my Office 365/Volmail email quota and what are the folder count recommendations?
(Moved) How do I open a Resource Mailbox Room in Office 365?
(Moved) What applications are available for my mobile device through the Office 365 ProPlus program?
How do I configure my Office 365 Volmail account on my mobile phone?
(Moved) How do I setup my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch for Office 365 (Volmail)?
Can I link my Office 365 Volmail and my current Hotmail account?
What if my mobile device instructions for Office 365 Volmail aren't on the Microsoft website?
(Moved) How do I turn off Conversation View in Outlook on the Web for my Office 365/Volmail?
(Moved) What is Office 365 MyAnalytics?
How do I configure Apple Mail for Office 365 Volmail?
How do I copy and paste my UTK Office 365 contacts into my UTK Google account using the Apple Contacts app?
What are the email recipient limits in Office 365/Volmail?
(Moved) How do I forward all of my Office 365/Volmail messages to another email account?
(Moved) Downloading Microsoft Office
How can I encrypt or or add password protection to Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Office materials?
I receive a 'Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting' warning when installing the UT version of Office 2013.
(MOVED) How can I use the compress pictures function in Microsoft Office to make my PowerPoint presentations much smaller?
I want to run two versions of Microsoft Office on my computer so that I can work with older files without having compatibility problems. Will this work?
How do I activate my UT licensed copy of Windows or Office from off campus?
(Moved) Setting Out of Office Replies in Google Gmail
How to Create a Microsoft Team
(Moved) Account Access after Graduating or Leaving UT
(Moved) VolCard via Apple Wallet FAQs
How do students switch their email service provider?
Viewing and Working on Assignments in a Microsoft Team Class for Students
Creating an Assignment in a Microsoft Class Team for Instructors
(Moved) UTK Office365 Mail Configuration
(Moved) Starting an Impromptu Meeting with Microsoft Teams
(Moved) Microsoft Teams - Private Channels
(Moved) Meeting Tips in Microsoft Teams: Screen Share, Record, Notes
Do messages that I release from my spam quarantine get delivered to my UTK Gmail account?
(Moved) Pulse Secure Windows VPN client causing network performance issues or slow connection speeds.
Skype for Business (Lync) User Guide
What browsers are supported by Sharepoint?
(Moved) File Sharing Options for Sensitive Information
What is Evisions Cayuse SP?
How do I log in to Sharepoint?
(Moved) How do I update my information in the campus directory?
(Moved) What software and applications are available from OIT?
(Moved) Network Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I recover an e-mail that I have deleted in Outlook for Mac?
What is online receipting?
(Moved) On-campus SMTP Access
How to Create a Microsoft Class Team for Instructors
Computer Labs: Print on one side of the page, not duplex
(Moved) Create a survey form with Microsoft Forms
(Moved) How do I access my EOP Spam Quarantine?
Computer Labs: Create a PDF
(Moved) Linux-based sites and services affected by the normal maintenance window.
How long are deleted items retained?
How do I sign into Skype for Business or Lync?
(Moved) What are my options for file storage at UT?
(Moved) How do I set up a vacation message/autoreply using the Office365/Volmail Outlook on the Web?
Setting up a Chat, Phone, or Video meeting with one person in Microsoft Teams
Setting up a Chat, Phone, or Video meeting with a small group in Microsoft Teams
Joining a Microsoft Team Using a Code for Students
Setting up a Chat or Video meeting for everyone in a Microsoft Team
(Moved) How do I encrypt emails that I send?
Create an Announcement for Everyone in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) Office365 apps for iOS
How do I check another user's Inbox (or Calendar, Tasks, etc.) that I have been given delegate access to by the owner?
What are the differences between email-enabled AD groups and Google Groups?
How do I determine my core folder item count for Outlook 2013/2016?
What are the NetID password complexity requirements?
How do I find large email messages and attachments in Outlook 2013/2016?
How do I copy my mail into my UTK Gmail using Outlook 2013/2016?
Send a Notice to the Entire Class in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) How do I view and send the full headers of an email message in Outlook on the Web or Gmail?
(Moved) How do I edit/manage my Active Directory (AD) Email-enabled Groups?
(Moved) How can I check my OneDrive quota?
(Moved) How is T-Storage different from my OneDrive for Business?
(Moved) T-Storage Guide
(Moved) How do I update my email aliases and preferred address?
(Moved) Send a Notice to Your Entire Team in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) How do I add someone to my Safe Senders and Recipients list in Outlook on the Web?
(Moved) How do I set up a vacation message/autoreply in Outlook for Windows?
(Moved) How to download and/or purchase products through the Kivuto WebStore
(Moved) Scheduling Meetings with Microsoft Teams
(Moved) How do I apply or remove a privacy flag on my directory listing?
(Moved) How to Record a Presentation in PowerPoint
(Moved) Use PowerPoint to Record Your Screen
(Moved) What is PowerPoint Live?
(Moved) Tips for Troubleshooting Your Tech at Home
What are the policies for the wireless network?
(Moved) Accessing your voicemail
How do I export mail from Outlook?
How do I export my contacts in Outlook 2013 or 2016 for Windows?
Adding People to a Chat in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) Opening a Shared Mailbox
(MOVED) Can I display copyright protected materials in my Online@UT (Canvas) course site?
(Moved) Add your VolCard to Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch
(Moved) How do I set up a vacation message/autoreply in Outlook for Mac?
(Moved) I am going to retire, but would like to keep my UT email account. What do I need to do?
(Moved) How do I connect to OneDrive from Windows or Mac OS?
(Moved) Upload a file to a channel in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) Meeting Tips in Microsoft Teams: Closed Captioning and Uploading to Canvas
(Moved) Upload a file to a chat in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) What options do I have once I log into EOP?
How do I enter final grades for the classes that I am teaching via MyUTK?
How do I back up my Email messages or folders using the Archive feature in Outlook 2013/2016?
TNVoice Evaluation System (formerly SAIS)
Retiree Directory Information Unavailable
UT does not have a site license for software I need. How can we get a site license or server installation (e.g. Apps@UT) for it?
(MOVED) How do I access my course sites in Online@UT (Canvas) after receiving my UT NetID?
(MOVED) Who is responsible for adding students to my Online@UT (Canvas) course sites?
(Moved) How can I change how my name appears (display name) on emails, in Online@UT (Canvas), and other UT applications?
(Moved) What to I do if I need advice regarding security with respect to a product, technology, process, or topic?
(Moved) How to request a certificate for a web server
(Moved) Can I submit a request to have a certain off-campus website blocked?
(Moved) Google Drive File Stream User Guide
(Moved) UTK Gmail Configuration Instructions
(Moved) Re-name a chat in Microsoft Teams
(Moved) Pin a chat in Microsoft Teams to keep it at the top
(Moved) Read&Write

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