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How do I use Review Status to manage a content item in my Blackboard Learn course site?

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The Review Status tool allows the Instructor to track user review of specific content items. Once the Instructor enables the tool for an item, each student tracks their progress. A Mark Reviewed radio button appears next to the item when the user opens the Content Area. After reviewing the item, the student selects this button to mark it Reviewed. The Instructor can then check the status of student reviews on the User Progress page.

Follow the steps below to enable/disable Review Status for an item in a course:

  1. From your Course Menu on the left hand side of your course site and select the Content Area that contains the item to be reviewed.

  2. Click the chevron button to the right of the item to be reviewed and select Set Review Status (Disabled) from the embedded drop-down menu (it only says "disabled" because Review Status is turned off by default). The Review Status page appears.

  3. Under Review, select Enable or Disable.
    • To give users the ability to mark this item as Reviewed, select Enable.
    • No option will appear if Review is selected as Disable.

  4. Click Submit.

To check the status of student reviews on the User Progress page, click the chevron button to the right of the item that has Review Status enabled and choose User Progress from the embedded drop-down menu. This takes you to the User Progress page, where you can see the review status of all users in your course site for this particular item.

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