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How do I use existing assessments to create a Question Pool?

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After you've created several tests, you might decide that you would like to combine the questions from them into a single question pool. You could then export this pool for use in another Blackboard Learn course site or even share assessment questions with your colleagues who use Blackboard Learn.

Under Course Management in the lower left of your course site, select Course Tools, then select Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Select Pools on the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page. On the Pools page, click the Build Pool button. Enter the pool's Name (required) and a Description (optional) of the pool and then click Submit. The Pool Canvas page will open.

  1. Click the Find Questions button. A list of the questions available will load in a pop-up window. You can narrow the selection by clicking the menus on the left side and selecting particular pools, tests, question types, etc.

  2. Check the boxes next to the questions you want to add. To select all of the available questions for the current test, place a check in the box at the top of the column. To view a question and its answers, click the small button between the checkbox and the question text. After you've finished previewing a question, click the X in the upper right corner.

  3. Click the Submit button to add the selected question(s) to your pool.

  4. The Pool Canvas page refreshes to display the question(s) that you added. These questions have now been added to the current pool.

NOTE: Survey questions cannot be imported into a question pool.

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