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How do I grade an individual student's test attempt in my Blackboard Learn course site?

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Under Course Management in the lower left of your course site, select Grade Center, then select Full Grade Center.

In the grade spreadsheet, locate the column for the test and match it to the row with the student that you want to grade. Where the column and row meet, click on the chevron and select View Grade Details. On the grade details page you have the ability to View, Grade, Clear, or Ignore the Attempt.

  • View Attempts will allow you to view the student's submitted answers.

  • Grade Attempt will allow you to enter points for the student's submitted answers.

  • Clear Attempt will erase any attempts made by the student. Use this when you want to give the student another chance to start over on a test such as when a techical issue prevented them from finishing.

  • Ignore Attempt will allow you to keep the attempt but omit the score from Grade Center calculations and not count it toward the number of allowed attempts.

    Grade Details Image

After grading the student's attempt, select Return to Grade Center.

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