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How can I distribute my sessions?

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In most cases, students attend LiveOnline@UT (Blackboard Collaborate) sessions and access recordings from the Online@UT (Blackboard Learn) course site.  Online classroom recordings may be streamed via the course site.  However, the streaming format is not compatible with mobile devices at this time.  Instructors may choose to convert the original reocording to a MP3 or MP4 file.  There are a few options for this process.

Option 1: Use the online recording file converter available in the course site

  1. Go to the course site and select Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate
  2. Select the Recordings page
  3. Click the Convert command in the MP3 and/or MP4 column.  The online recording file conversion process may take some time to complete, depending on the length of the original recording.  When the new MP3 or MP4 is available, a play arrow will appear in the corresponding MP3 or MP4 column.

Option 2: Use the Blackboard Collaborate Publish application to extract and convert the original recording.  

  1. To download Blackboard Collaborate Publish and for more information about the application, visit and select the Getting Started link in the Instructors section. 
  2. Next, distribute the MP3 or MP4 file to students via the file transfer service, Vault (    

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