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How do I register for classes using schedule builder?

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  1. Log in to MyUTK.

  2. Under Academic Resources, select "Schedule Builder."

  3. Scroll down to Subject-Course.

  4. Select the Subject-Course combinations from the drop down menus, then select search.

  5. The Schedule Builder Search Result screen will show any possible conflicts on the top of the screen, and show suggested schedule, with CRN and all class information below.

  6. Issues Preventing Registration are noted at the top. These could be time conflicts, major restrictions, level restrictions, or permission required. Under Subject-Course, you can click on the Subject, and open the catalog entry for that course to determine the catalog/schedule restriction.

  7. Classes ready to be scheduled appear at the bottom of the screen. Selecting Register, enables you to register for the selected classes.

  8. Add to Worksheet. Takes you to the Add/Drop Classes page and will list the selected CRN’s  in the worksheet on the bottom of the page. You may also add additional CRN’s. Clicking Submit Changes will attempt to add you to those classes.

  9. From the Add/Drop worksheet, you can replace any classes listed with issues preventing registration from the top of the previous screen. Note the additional registration links across the bottom of this page for easier accessibility. Schedule Builder can only be used for those not currently enrolled in courses.  The Search for Classes link can be used for searching for additional courses to add to your schedule.

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