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In Blackboard Learn, I have created an assessment in 'Tests, Surveys, and Pools', but students cannot see it. Do I need to do something?

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After you have created an assessment in Blackboard Learn, you must deploy it in a content area for students to see it. The "Assignments" content area is one example, but technically assessments can be deployed into any content area on the Course Menu. Think of deployment as a way of "photocopying" your master test into copies for the students to access and take.

Once you are in the content area where you would like to deploy the test, place your cursor over the Assessment button and choose Test from the embedded drop-down menu. This takes you to the Create Test page, where you can choose your test or quiz from the Add an Existing Test list.

You'll then be taken to the Test Options page, where you can set up additional parameters desired for this particular deployment of your test or quiz.

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